Podcasts – Our vision

Podcasts – Our vision

Our Vision

“The uneducated has no aversion to sin,” said the sage, Hillel. Thus, we want to help reduce ignorance, violence, and polarization in Israeli society.

We want to relate and teach history so we will not have to relive it.

We want to reach children, young adults, and adults, to show them another way, a way of love of man, of compassion and of tolerance, and to make Shira’s murder a turning point for the better in Israeli society.

Podcast series on tolerance

The podcast series (audio episodes available online, free of charge), produced by Yuval Malchi from the leading podcast series Excerpts of History, which is devoted to historical figures who worked for the good of others, sometime at risk to their own lives.  The podcasts examine the amazing stories of universal heroes and heroines, some of whom are anonymous, such as Sally Baker (the Angel of Mostar), Malala Yousafzai (the youngest Nobel Peace Prize laureate), Florence Nightingale, Père Marie-Benoît, and Turkish diplomat Selahattin Ülkümen, to try and understand what motivated them to act as they did.

Lectures to youths

Preparation of an interactive lecture on tolerance, based on the podcast episodes.  The lecture will be given at educational institutions, youth movements, and in the IDF by the Excerpts of History team and by young “ambassadors of tolerance” from across the country, who will be trained as speakers.

Lesson plans on tolerance

Lesson plans on tolerance, based on the podcast series, for use by teachers, lecturers, army commanders and instructors. The lesson plans will be available online to be downloaded by anyone interested in giving the lessons independently, as part of a curriculum or various initiatives and programs to encourage tolerance.  The curriculum will also be made available to educational institutions, youth movements, the IDF, teachers’ seminars, and other organizations.