Meeting Point -Dialogue’s circles


Meeting Point is a Jerusalem Movement in Memory of Shira Banki initiation. Every Thursday night at eight o’clock, people from different sectors of Jerusalem meet at Zion Square for a guided discussion. Different opinions, different generations, sitting or standing, talking or screaming, laughing or raging – all come together to fulfil the vision of making Zion Square a place of culture and tolerance, a model for a joint space that allows joint lives.

We are working on extending this initiative to other cities in Israel.

16/12/2016 Meeting Point – an initiative to Commemorate Shira Banki

The Public Shiva was created in response to the murder of Shira Banki at a gay pride parade.    It was clear to us in the Jerusalem Movement that we could not simply go on, and that we were not willing to tolerate the public dialogue,...

16/12/2016 Invitation to the first anniversary

An anniversary to commemorate Shira Banki: centers of tolerance in the public sphere in Jerusalem Three main centers, which had been foci of demonstrations, violence, and terrorism, will become centers of tolerance, the acceptance of others, and a meeting point between the various communities in Jerusalem. On...