Shira Banki’s Way – the concept behind the design

Shira Banki’s Way – the concept behind the design

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Objective: design a logo representing Shira Banki’s vision, a logo that sends a message of action, positive vision, acceptance,

and inclusion of every person and idea, while mentioning and emphasizing that it was the message of a teenage girl.


Shira Banki’s Way integrates various meanings of the word “way”, as defined by the dictionary:

  1. Route, path
  2. All actions taken by a person to achieve a particular objective.
  3. The fashion in which things are done: approach, manner.

The design:  

the logo design brings together milestones, each of which reflects part of the message and concept, together representing Shira’s way.

G clef – represents Shira’s love of music and playing instruments.  It also symbolizes beginning and definition.

The heart represents a positive vision and love of humanity.

The arrow – symbolizes the direction, route, and leadership.

The asterisk –  symbolizes the extraordinary, the people and ideas that society characterizes as different.  It is these people and ideas, according to Shira’s way, that we need to recognize, accept, and absorb.

Handwriting – symbolizes a signature / personal touch.  Its integration with the G clef and the other symbols create the atmosphere of random, young scribble of a teenager who doodles while talking or listening in class.

The general and colorful design draws inspiration from the Spanish painter Joan Miró, one of the great abstract surrealists, an innovative leading artist of his day.

The complete composition sends the message of positive action and a young and fresh spirit that charts the path for society as a whole.

Claudia Kobi, designer