It is better to teach the good than to condemn the evil

Shira Banki’s Way
Shira Banki’s Way was established to engage in educational activity and to promote positive values and tolerance in the public sphere.

We hope that the sane silent majority, which has sounded its voice following the murder of our daughter, Shira, will find the strength and build a healthier and more moderate society in which the loud, radical minorities are pushed to the margins.

Our goal is to promote a better, more balanced and moral society, which sees the individual as part of the public and grants every person his or her place.

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Clinic for the Struggle against Hatred in the Public Sphere

In cooperation with the Berl Katznelson Foundation, at the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya: an academic clinic at the School of Law, which will feature an academic course, provide pro bono legal aid and publish position papers and legislative proposals.

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Meeting Point – Dialogue Circles

The Meeting Point initiative began during the mourning period over Shira Banki as a “public shiva.” After the mourning days were over, the dialogue spread to downtown Jerusalem where guided Dialogue Circles take place at Zion Square every Thursday night.

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Conflict Management in Israeli Society

A sophomore year project for strengthening the awareness among teens on proper ways to resolve conflicts and disputes. This project is made possible by Yitzhak Rabin Center, Katif Center, and Shira Banki’s Way.

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This Is Jerusalem! - Teachers’ Lounge

Teachers’ Lounge is a multisector advanced training course for teachers. The program considers educators in Jerusalem as key figures and cultural heroes who can change the city’s future. This Is Jerusalem is led by Hebrew Union College in cooperation with the Education Administration at the Jerusalem Municipality.

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The Shira Program for Girls

This multiyear program seeks to change the social role of young women at risk. The program combines knowledge and research with the authentic and sincere experience of the young women, giving them tools to sound their voice and influence how they are perceived by society. The program is run by the Projects Unit, Youth Advancement at the Jerusalem Municipality.

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A Different Story

This multifaceted program emphasizes the biographies of those who risked their lives for others. A Different Story includes lectures, lesson plans, and a series of podcasts about extraordinary figures in Israel and global history who put others first. The series is produced by the Excerpts of History podcast team.

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Headstone Unveiling Ceremony


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Lighting Hannukah Candles – the Anti-Defamation League


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Lighting Hannukah Candles – The Anti-Defamation League


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Women Lighting Hannukah Candles, 2015 - 8th Candle


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WIZO - Certificate of Appreciation for Shira


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Halacha and Inclusion Conference – Beit Hillel Rabbis


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The Tolerance and Gay Pride Parade 2016


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The Tolerence And Gay Paride 2016

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The Movie – Conflict Management In Israeli Society

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The Tolerance And Gay Pride Parade 2017

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It Is Better To Teach The Good Than To Criticize The Evil

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